Comparison of Mainstream Block Chain Open Source Technology

The development of science and technology corresponds to changes in people’s lives. Open source technology is developing. And more and more mature open source technologies are applied by people. In the blockchain open source technology, there are also a variety of systems to show. The following is an analysis of the three blockchain open source Read More

What Good Software is Available for Open Source Technology

With the development of science and technology, open source software has also made great progress. There are much software on the market to integrate. So what software is available for open source technology? Let’s share some great software for open source. Much hope they are helpful for you in the future. 1, IBase4J.It is an integration in Java open source framework. IBase4J is a Read More

What Does Open Source Technology Mean?

Open source technology, as its name implies, is a software technology that is open to the public. The source code of open source software can be reviewed, and enhanced by anyone. It is mainly that some technicians publish the code developed by themselves on the Internet and then sharing it .Its idea is that good Read More

Analysis of Five Characteristics of Big data open source framework

1.ElasticSearch Advantage: First, high concurrency. An example of 10 G memory allocation for ES single machine is measured. The writing capacity is 1200qps. 60G memory, 12 core CPU from 3 instances is expected to reach 6000qps. Second, the average write time of single data in the same computer room is 3MS. Fault tolerance is better than MG. Read More

Analysis of Ten kinds of Big Data Open Source Technology

With development of science and technology, big data has become one of the most popular technologies. Open source allows more and more projects to be analyzed through big data. The following is an analysis of today’s ten popular big data open source technologies. 1.Spark It’s easy to use and supports all important big data languages Read More